9 January 2020


  • Demonstrators hold placards depicting Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani during a protest outside the US consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, on Sunday. Photo: Reuters

    If US and Iran go to war, will Beijing be forced to take sides?

    - Jan 7, 2020 6:53pm
    The US airstrike that killed Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani, head of the elite Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and widely considered as the country’s second most powerful man, has added fuel...
  • China’s Generation Z is not quite as obsessed with foreign brands as those born in the 1980s and 70s, research suggests. Photo: Reuters

    A closer look at China’s Generation Z

    - Jan 7, 2020 4:27pm
    China’s state mouthpiece Xinhua has published a report on the lifestyle of the Generation Z (defined as those born after 1995), shedding light upon their likes, dislikes and shopping behavior. The report was jointly released with...
  • Authorities must promote 'trustworthy AI’ and must consider fairness, non-discrimination, openness, transparency, safety, and security, the Trump administration says. Photo: Bloomberg

    White House proposes regulatory principles to govern AI use

    Jan 7, 2020 3:28pm
    The White House on Tuesday proposed regulatory principles to govern the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) aimed at limiting authorities’ “overreach”, and said it wants European officials to likewise avoid aggressive approaches. In a...
  • Facebook says it will step up efforts to eliminate so-called deepfake videos from its platform. Photo: Reuters

    Facebook to remove deepfake videos in run-up to US election

    Jan 7, 2020 3:19pm
    Facebook has vowed to remove deepfakes and other manipulated videos from its platform if they have been edited, but not content that is parody or satire, in a move aimed at curbing misinformation ahead of the...
  • The climate movement, says the author, has correctly perceived that success will require a planetary ethics based on global solidarity and responsibility. Photo: AFP

    When climate activism and nationalism collide

    - Jan 7, 2020 1:35pm
    There is an overwhelming consensus among scientists that this decade will be the last window for humanity to change the current global trajectory of carbon dioxide emissions so that the world can get close to zero...
  • Toyota president Akio Toyoda announces plans to build a prototype city of the future during the CES event in Las Vegas on Monday. Photo: Reuters

    Toyota to build prototype city of the future in Japan

    Jan 7, 2020 9:51am
    Toyota Motor announced plans to build a prototype “city of the future” at the base of Japan’s Mt. Fuji, powered by hydrogen fuel cells and functioning as a laboratory for autonomous cars, “smart homes,” artificial intelligence...
  • Expressing his willingness to testify in the Trump impeachment trial, there is a chance that John Bolton could provide new evidence in relation to the Ukraine scandal. Photo: Bloomberg

    Bolton says willing to testify in Trump impeachment trial

    Jan 7, 2020 9:11am
    Donald Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton said on Monday that he is willing to testify in the expected Senate impeachment trial of the US president, a surprise development that could potentially strengthen the case...
  • Members of the media and officials tour the water nuclear reactor at Arak, Iran on Dec 23, 2019. Tehran has announced that it will abandon limits on enriching uranium. Photo: WANA via Reuters

    Europeans mull tough response over Iran nuclear violations

    Jan 7, 2020 8:55am
    European parties to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal could launch a dispute resolution process this week that might lead to renewed UN sanctions on Tehran, according to Reuters. Confirming an emergency meeting of the European Union’s...
  • Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei prays in Tehran near the coffins of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis who were killed in an air strike in Baghdad last Friday. Handout photo via Reuters

    Huge crowds throng Tehran streets for Soleimani’s funeral

    Jan 6, 2020 5:00pm
    Tens of thousands of Iranians thronged the streets of Tehran on Monday for the funeral of Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani who was killed in a US air strike last week, and his daughter said his...
  • The Hong Kong situation has been worrying in the past half year, says Luo Huining, the new head of Beijing's representative office in Hong Kong. File photo: Reuters

    Hope HK can return to ‘right path’: new liaison office chief

    Jan 6, 2020 12:23pm
    Beijing’s newly-appointed head of its Hong Kong liaison office said on Monday that China strongly supports the special administrative region and that it is hoped the territory will return to “the right path”. In his first...
  • Carlos Ghosn slipped out of Japan aboard a private jet hidden in a large black case typically used to carry audio gear, according to the Wall Street Journal. Photo: AFP

    Japan orders tighter immigration procedures after Ghosn’s escape

    Jan 6, 2020 9:36am
    Japan is?tightening immigration measures after former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn fled the country while on bail, its first official response to an astonishing escape that has transformed the executive into an international fugitive, Reuters reports. Authorities...
  • An Iranian flag flutters in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters in Vienna, Austria. File photo: Reuters

    Iran says will abandon limitations on uranium enrichment

    Jan 6, 2020 9:32am
    Iran announced on Sunday that it will abandon limitations on enriching uranium, taking a further step back from commitments to a 2015 nuclear deal with six major powers, Reuters reports. Citing state television, the report said...
  • People in Ahvaz, Iran attend a funeral procession on Sunday for Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis who were killed in an air strike at Baghdad airport last Friday. Credit: Fars news agency/WANA via Reu

    Pompeo defends US killing of Iranian military commander

    Jan 6, 2020 9:21am
    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday defended President Donald Trump’s decision to kill Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani, as Democratic lawmakers questioned whether the action was justified, Reuters reports. During multiple television interviews, Pompeo...
  • Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi attends a parliament session in Baghdad on Sunday. Credit: Govt handout picture via Reuters

    Iraq parliament seeks foreign troop expulsion after airstrike

    Jan 6, 2020 9:05am
    Iraq’s parliament has called for US and other foreign troops to leave the country amid growing anger over the US killing of a top Iranian military commander who had been on a visit to Baghdad. Iranian...
  • Luo Huining, 65, was until November the top Communist Party official in the northern province of Shanxi. Photo: Reuters

    Beijing replaces HK liaison office head amid unrest

    Jan 5, 2020 7:11am
    China has replaced the head of its Hong Kong Liaison Office, the most senior mainland political official based in the Chinese-controlled territory, following more than six months of often-violent anti-government protests in the city. China’s Ministry...
  • Popular Mobilization Forces Commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis (left) and Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani. Photo: Reuters

    US kills top Iranian commander Soleimani in air strike

    Jan 3, 2020 12:25pm
    The United States killed Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani, head of the elite Quds Force and spearhead of Iran’s spreading military influence in the Middle East, on Friday in an air strike at Baghdad airport, the Pentagon...
  • Sweden launched its negative rate plan almost six years ago and has now reversed it due to the financial risks that arose from such policy. Photo: Bloomberg

    Sweden ends its experiment of negative rates

    - Jan 3, 2020 10:18am
    Negative rates are the destruction of money, an economic aberration based on the mistakes of many central banks and some of their economists who start from a wrong diagnosis: the idea that economic agents do not...
  • The unfolding Sino-American cool war is far less cut and dried than the Cold War was, the authors observe. Photo: Bloomberg

    Why a ‘cool war’ may be worse than a cold one

    - Jan 3, 2020 9:51am
    In recent years, fears of a new cold war between the United States and China have been proliferating. But the tensions between the two powers would be better described as a “cool war,” characterized not by...
  • The ongoing trade and technology war could represent an opportunity for China to extend its production networks in Asia, and to reduce its exposure in Europe and other parts of the West, the author says. Photo: Bloomberg

    The decline of global value chains

    - Jan 3, 2020 9:39am
    For more than a decade, China has been haunted by the prospect of getting stuck at an income level below that of the developed world (the “middle-income trap”). But the country’s economy is well on its...
  • Smoke billows during bushfires in Bairnsdale, Victoria, in Australia on Dec 30 in this picture obtained from social media. Photo: Glen More via Reuters

    Australian navy helps rescue thousands as new fire threat looms

    Jan 3, 2020 9:26am
    The Australian navy on Friday began the evacuations of some of the thousands of people stranded on the east coast of the fire-ravaged country as a searing weather front was set to whip up more blazes...