8 January 2020

Roger Chen

Regional President, GoDaddy
  • A survey has revealed that many businesses in Hong Kong still don't have proper websites, and that they rely on social media channels like Facebook to spread their message. Photo: GoDaddy

    Getting started in web design and development

    - Dec 19, 2019 12:03pm
    It would seem to be a given that a website has a critical role to play for any small business. A professional website is the keystone on which a company’s efforts – sales and marketing, brand...
  • Many e-commerce websites see a major spike in traffic during the holiday shopping season. Photo: AFP

    Some e-commerce website tips for the holiday season

    - Nov 29, 2019 10:39am
    Hong Kong has seen one of Japan’s biggest fast-fashion brands open an online store, even though it has an extensive traditional retail network across high-traffic areas in the city. This reflects the huge potential in the...
  • Navigating the entrepreneur journey is not easy, but having the right guidance, tools and connections can help. Photo; Bloomberg

    Managing the entrepreneurial journey

    - Jul 3, 2019 3:26pm
    Hong Kong is renowned for its strong historical tradition of entrepreneurship in textiles, manufacturing and export industries which has helped to shape the local services-based economy. With the rise of technology as well as local government...
  • An ideal website editor allows a business owner to manage an e-commerce website on the go. Photo: GoDaddy

    Key concepts for a successful e-commerce website

    - Jan 11, 2018 12:25pm
    A recent Gig Economy survey by GoDaddy shows that 37 percent of Hongkongers have run a side hustle (part-time business) alongside their full-time job. From the survey it is also clear that e-commerce is the number...