12 January 2020
A view of Lei Yue Mun from Pottinger Peak highlights its serene surroundings. Photo: HKEJ
A view of Lei Yue Mun from Pottinger Peak highlights its serene surroundings. Photo: HKEJ

Pottinger Peak hike in less than half a day

City dwellers who tend to oversleep on weekends can still enjoy the natural scenery of the northeastern and southeastern Hong Kong Island by going up to Pottinger Peak via Leaping Dragon Walk from Siu Sai Wan.

All they need is a little time.

The start of the trail begins at the Siu Sai Wan Promenade. A flight of stairs, paved but seemingly endless, takes you there.

Crawling up slowly and lazily, we saw some professional runners sprinting ahead. We all laughed at our own snail’s pace.

The scene from the view pass was not very ideal as some of the trees and grass were in the way.

We continued our journey by taking a small natural path, which was uneven and steep, to Pottinger Peak. A radio transmission station marks out the hilltop.

To our surprise, somewhere below the station was an abandoned military structure which looked like an outpost.

From there, Siu Sai Wan and Tseung Kwan O came into sight. It was so relaxing to gaze at the boats traveling in the Lei Yue Mun channel.

While we were leaving, we bumped into a few young stray dogs, curled up inside a catchwater drain.

That made me wonder how many stray dogs there are in a dense city like Hong Kong.

If they happened to be in the streets, they might be caught and sent away to some shelter, where they would be living in cages.

Or worse, they would be put down. Probably an uninhabited space in the wild like this was the only place they could feel safe.

Big Wave Bay looked exactly as it’s named.

White-capped waves breaking on the shore were an enduring sight.

Inside a secure cage were some ancient Big Wave Bay rock carvings, which might have been intended to enhance the power of the sea for the protection of seafarers.

Getting there:

Take the green minibus route 62A at Heng Fa Chuen Station to Island Resort Public Transport Interchange.

To return from Big Wave Bay: Take NWFB route 9 at Big Wave Bay stop to Shau Kei Wan.

Time: About 3 hours

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on Dec. 11, 2014?

Translation by Darlie Yiu with additional reporting

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Big Wave Bay looks exactly as it’s named, with white-capped waves breaking on the shore. Photo: HKEJ

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